If you don’t learn from your mistakes, expect two things to happen. You will repeat them and others won’t be so accepting of them…

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. I, myself, have flaws. Over the last year I have learned a lot about myself and have changed some things I wasn’t liking so much. I don’t overthink as much as I used to. I have become more accepting of certain human behaviors and I’ve learned not to accept some I was willing to allow before. I focused on myself and made myself happy. I don’t depend on anyone else anymore. I’ve learned that I need to open up more about what I need and not expect anyone to know what that is unless I speak up. And much more.

So why is it that while I am changing for the better and making self improvements, I should have to accept the past mistakes of others that keep happening? The answer is I shouldn’t. While I learned that some of my expectations of others were too high to achieve, some were valid. And when I voice those expectations, multiple times, I’ve learned that if they are continually not met I have two choices. I can forget them and accept the behavior or I can move on from the person still overlooking my wishes.

If I am not treated in the same respect as others in someone’s life, in a positive manner, I will no longer continue to give all of myself to that person. In fact, I won’t give any of myself to them. If the respect level is so low that a simple request of their actions is too much for them, then they don’t deserve what I have to offer. This goes for any type of relationship. Friends, family, and intimate.

My walking away from a person who will not listen to my basic needs of respect is not a sign of ignorance. Rather it is a sign of self respect. A sign of maturity. It is a statement that says, if you do not respect me, I still do. I will no longer beg for respect. I will no longer beg for someone to change. The last thing I want to do in fact, is change someone. No matter how much I value a person, no matter how much I want a person in my life, if respect is not mutual, it won’t work.

How can you expect a person to change their life for you if you won’t change yours for them?

I’m still waiting for that person who respects me as much as I do them and I will continue do so until I don’t have to ask for it.

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