Can You Swing It…


When on a date, do not brag about the other person you are dating/talking to, to the person you are on a date with


Do not proceed to look up said person from TIP #13 on social media to show videos of said person, pole dancing, to person you are on the current date with…


I met this one a few years back. We talked for over a year and then lost touch. Well, we reconnected a while back and went on a few small dates. Everything was going great! We liked the same things, he was a great dad, we had fun together.

He invited me over for a small bbq at his place and invited the girls to go swimming too. His girls were there along with his buddy and his buddy’s girlfriend. Laid back. It was a really nice day. His buddy even told me that he had never brought a girl to the house before me. Things were going great!

Then one night we went to a concert. Had a fun time. In the car, after the concert he pulls out his phone and proceeds to pull up his Instagram account and show me pictures of a girl pole dancing. He tells me this is another girl he is talking to and getting to know and told me how talented she was and went on and on and on.

We get to a bar for a drink before heading home and he gets his phone out again and continues to talk about this girl and show me pics! I simply said ‘well why aren’t you here with her then? She seems real great’.

ThenI later find out, from his buddy, that he got divorced because his wife didn’t approve of a woman he had been with..wait..what? Yep. He and his wife were swingers!! He had failed to tell me this. Makes sense though that he didn’t think twice about showing me a girl he was entertaining at the same time he was getting to know me. Bullet dodged!

You never know about people these days. Just another failed dating experience and another lesson learned. Laugh at these moments, they aren’t on us. I just don’t know how I find these people!! ;D

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