First Dates


When I’m a first date, if you decide to introduce him/her to anyone around you, make sure you use THEIR name. (This also goes for saying I love you for the first time in the heat of the moment)

We all know first dates can be super awkward! I personally hate them. I would much rather skip to 3 months in when everyone is comfy and no one is trying too hard to be someone they aren’t. But we have to laugh at our first dates. They are unavoidable. Here are a few of my first date disasters…

I went on a first date with a guy who I had talked to a few times. He seemed like a lot of fun and someone I would get along with great! He managed a restaurant/bar so he invited me to come have dinner and some drinks. Well, he was working but that was ok actually. It was nice to watch him work, he had the chef make me a great meal, and we had drinks while he kept the place running.

Conversation was flowing great. He seemed to be who he was from the beginning. The night went on and he decided to introduce me to some ‘regulars’ at the restaurant and some coworkers. This is what happened…

‘Hey! This is my…friend…Karen!’ It was loud in the place but I heard him correctly. Um… that’s not my name!!! When the introductions were over all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there. He could tell I was being weird and says ‘sorry. I said ‘friend’ because I wasn’t sure how to introduce you’. I just stared at him. REALLY?! THAT’S what he thought was wrong?!

I looked at him and said ‘that’s not the problem. What’s my name?’ He gets quiet and says ‘Karen?’ ‘No. It’s Meg. Not even close!’ He felt bad and I made it into a joke and said ‘better keep your girls straight next time’ and I left. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

One more first date experience for you..

I agreed to go on a date with a guy I met through mutual friends. We decided to go play pool and grab a drink after. Something a little different. Cool. Now, he knows I am a single mom. He knows some of my past. We also discussed how neither of us like the dating scene and would rather date to get to know someone and have a future. We are too old to date just to date.

We are having a great time. Laughing at his dumb jokes, the occasional touch of the arm, you know. High school stuff lol. We finish up our game of pool and sit for a drink. He asks me about the girls and seems like he’s interested. A bit of time goes by and he says ‘there is zero part of me that wants to be a parent’. Wait..what? Why on earth would you date a single mom then?! Why would you tell me that?! Right then and there I was done. I had already said, and he agreed, that I’m not dating to pass the time. Moral of the story… don’t date a single mom/dad if you don’t like kids!!!

Yes, first dates can be bad. Man can they ever! But they can be good too. And I’ll tell you of some of those another time. For now, I laugh at my dates and learn much from them! Lol. Happy dating!

Feel free to comment some of your own funny experiences below!! 😎

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